How About A New Between The City and The Needle Trailer?

I woke up yesterday morning to some fantastic news in my inbox. With a squeal of joy, I scanned over the good news and followed the link accordingly. Nightmarea Games released a new trailer for Between The City and The Needle and Christmas came a week early for me. I recommend checking out my previous article detailing the specifics about Between The City and The Needle and a few questions I asked the developers from Nightmarea Games! Between The City and The Needle, I’ve missed you dearly but I knew we’d meet again soon! So, how’re things going?

Let’s Talk Progress:

Doesn’t that look awesome? Meet the faces of the impostors among us (or are they?)! Since my last article several months back, Nightmarea Games has been hard at work developing this narrative-driven beauty and posting monthly updates along the way. Thus far, there’s been lots of progress, which you can read about on the official Nightmarea Games website,  and according to the developers, the Between The City and The Needle’s demo is roughly 2/3 done and they’re aiming to launch a Kickstarter campaign sometime in the first half of next year (2016). So far there’s been lots of in-game art/screenshots shared on the Nightmarea website – so I please check it out!

When I get more information about the development, demo release, and near Kickstarter launch, I’ll surely post about it on here. I’m thoroughly excited to see this game evolve and gain more attention. For now, check out their Twitter, Facebook, and official Nightmarea Games website for updates and be on the look out for big things.

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