Upside-Down Dimensions Interview with Daniel Parente

On April 22nd, the Kickstarter campaign for Upside-Down Dimensions was unsuccessful. Madrid, Spain-based Hydra Interactive dreams of a hack and slash, RPG, puzzle-based, dimension shifting game in a world of origami. Upside-Down Dimensions developed quite a  big following, bringing in 163, backers, meeting only $5,148 of the $75,000 funding goal, and Greenlit on Steam. According […]

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human on Kickstarter!

It’s happening, folks! It’s happening! The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is now on Kickstarter! Earlier in March, I wrote an article concerning the reveal trailer, I interviewed the YCJY developers last week, and also did a little Gamejolt/ spotlight for their previous game Keep Walking EP. The Kickstarter campaign answers a lot of our questions about The Aquatic […]