Proxies Beta Testing in Android and iOS

Last year, Ali Sakhapour launched a campaign for one his projects, a tamagotchi-esque mobile game called Wake the Dreamer. Unfortunately, this campaign was unsuccessful. However, fortunately, Ali had another game idea in mind at the time. Teamed up with Fredson Laguna, he began developing Proxies, a mobile tamagotchi-like game with consequences. Proxies will observe the weather conditions and the […]

Reviewin’ Sproggiwood

Now, about a week ago I wrote an extensive article about Sproggiwood’s release on mobile platforms and various information about the game. I highly recommend checking it out for some background information about Sproggiwood.  As a bit of a reminder, Sproggiwood is a strategy roguelike RPG, a cutesy one I stress, that was released on Steam […]