Music Games on a New Level – The Birdcage Asking for Votes on Greenlight

The idea of playing through or living inside of a music video is pretty appealing. That’s just was Capricia Productions thought too when they conceptualized it. Now, they are on Steam Greenlight asking for votes. Makin’ Stockholm Syndrome Very Pretty “Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy […]

Water: The World in Chaos Kickstarter and Greenlight Next Month

Water: The World in Chaos, developed by Australian studio Zorvan Entertainment, is a sci-fi intense platformer about rescuing our water resources from a thieving alien planet, will be launching a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign next month, August, though the specific dates are unspecified at this time. What is Water: The World is Chaos – […]