Templar Battleforce Released on Steam

On September 23, Trese Brothers’s Templar Battleforce was released on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, priced at $8.49 until September 28th where the price increases to $9.99. Templar Battleforce Gameplay Templare Battleforce is a top-down, strategy, turn-based, RPG. The reminder of a great war has emerged back into the lives of the Star Traders […]

WonderCat Adventures is Pawesome, Furreal Y’all

A few months back I wrote a preview article about Wondercat Adventures and its upcoming release. I go into quite a bit of detail about the conceptualization, development, and background information about Wondercat Adventures. I’d recommend checking it out to familiarize yourself with the game if needed. Today, September 11th, WonderCat Adventures is available on Steam […]

Overfall Alpha Preview

A while ago I posted a new article regarding the recent Kickstarter campaign for Pera Games’s Overfall which has almost hit 50% of the funding goal (bringing in $36,312 thanks to 780 backers). Overfall has also been Greenlit on Steam! As I frequently mention, I went into a bit more background detail in my previous article […]