About Us

Howdy, readers! How’s it going? Welcome to IndieRoot, an online magazine, journal, ransom note tied to a brick thrown through your window – whatever – dedicated to games, comics, and even filmed works of the independent variety. If you’re interested in advertising, writing for us, or want to tell us about your project, please email julie@indieroot.com and I’ll get right to you.

Where did IndieRoot come from?

A little while ago, I worked for a different gaming site that concentrated on crowdfunding for a little over a year. When here, I learned a little bit about the industry and spent a lot of time talking with developers about their joys, fears, and passions regarding game development. From that point on I started to really love listening to these people talk about their projects and it was such a joy to help spread the word about them, even just the teensiest of tweets. So, IndieRoot is kind of following that mindset, concentrating on the creators and trying to give them a helping hand by spreading the word about their projects without taking an overly-critical or majorly biased opinion on it. Additionally, IndieRoot is not one of those site dedicated to the click-driven, list-oriented articles. Here, we just hope you fancy the same things we do and find something awesome, maybe even want to support someone’s dreams out there.

For more information on the founder, please read here.

When did IndieRoot start?

It officially launched late March 2015. But had been an idea long before then.

Sweet potatoes, this site keeps changing! There’s hardly any content!

I’m not on your lawn, old man. As said in the previous paragraph, we just launched and this is my first site done independently. As a heads up, this site will go through lots of changes within the next year or so, but needn’t worry, our Twitter page will put out a notification when things are changing and the world’s upside down again (woah!). At the moment, this is a one person thing and I am working to direct my attention to it on a full-time basis but at the moment this is a part-time thing.

Just bear with us and hold back your urge to throw fruit and vegetables at me.

A Word About Sources and Images

IndieRoot strives not only to be unbiased view (or explain that’s our opinion and doesn’t necessarily need to be yours) but also doesn’t intend to steal things and take credit as our own. In all of our articles, we will include pictures, videos, website links, the works. IndieRoot does not claim any of the pictures we include from games as our own. Same with video, links, or any quotes taken directly from the game or any references to movies and what not (because I think I’m clever).

They are either taken directly from press kits provided by the developers or accessible from their websites or Youtube channels OR they are pictures/videos taken ourselves during gameplay. We do not claim to own the games or the material, we’re merely sharing it around. The content that is to our name is the article itself, the fancy sassy stuff that you’re reading.

If there are any issues over ownerships where something isn’t sourced correctly (whether it’s a broken link or the wrong one, or the LACK of one) or something questionable in the writing that roots to somewhere else, etc., please shoot an email to julie@indieroot.com and I’ll get back to you on that.

A Word About Promotion and Game Copies

From time to time I will either request for Steam keys from developers or will receive them from developers/press people. Aside from that, there are no other “perks” to writing about these games. There will occasionally be a game article that seems a bit obscure but I tend to write about just about everything anyone will throw my way (though there are boundaries and exceptions). I do that just because I like spreading the word about indie games, especially since just one more article may be a bit more hype these developers need to fund a bit more of their campaign or get a few more votes on Steam Greenlight.

Do I take paid promotion? Will developers pay me to promote their game? I feel the need to mention something about this since people have mentioned to me how some journalists take bribes or are paid to promote games. I haven’t been contacted for that as of yet and have no intention of taking any payment to write about something. Just send me an email about a game. I’m happy to write about it. If someone offers to pay me to promote their game, I have no intentions whatsoever of taking their money to do so. I do this all for free and for the love of it. Paid promotion is not how I do things.