Beat ‘Em Up RPG Night City Assault on Kickstarter

“Smashing its way onto a screen near you…”

Just recently launched on Kickstarter is Xtra Mile Games’ beat ’em up with Metroidvania-style exploration and RPG mechanics. Thus far it’s already raised a few thousand dollars and the campaign just launched November 28th.

Let Me At ‘Em – Story & Gameplay

Cue 1980s action music. In Night City Assault, players can choose to play either Roy Silver or Cindy Chan (and both are available for co-op mode). Now, Roy Silver is a recent transfer to Night City and Cindy Chin is one of the city’s new recruits. Fortunately, they wind up teamed together to deal with this city filled with crime and atrocities, all at the hand of the infamous syndicate, Viper. Unfortunately, these two find themselves in a pickle and have to defend themselves until backup heads their way. Naturally, it’s fight time. It’s time to fight your way through Viper’s band of crooks and determine just what’s at the core of the evil group that so earnestly clings to control of every corner of Night City. Lights, camera, action with some fist extending bloodshed, guys.

Now, imagine this kind of story matched with an old style 80s beat ’em up. BUT let’s add some Metroidvania-style level exploration and progression with RPG mechanics. The gameplay of Night City Assault is very story driven (and can be played as single player or co-op). There are lots of missions (20+) for the player to hop into that are essentially about citizens in distress (dang it, Viper!).What diverges Night City Assault from its influences is the ability to fully explore the areas. The player has near free rein to explore the levels in and out and even go into buildings as they please.

Now, the brawl and fighting side-scrolling gameplay of Night City Assault is very reminiscent of an old style beat ’em up, especially with the audio and graphics included. Guns included. However, let’s talk RPG. Players will acquire experience points during gameplay and level up their character (Roy or Cindy), which they can use to unlock abilities and new moves.

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Kickstarter Details

The development of Night City Assault goes all the way back to July of 2013 when the idea was conceived and Xtra Mile Games began development in early 2014. Night City Assault currently is available in a downloadable demo available on the Kickstarter page! Since then, the team has invested the majority of the funds for development themselves and now have turned to Kickstarter for the rest ($18,990 ($26,290 AUD)).

About half of the funds taken from the Kickstarter campaign will be put towards programming with the rest dispersed between visuals, sound, and the financial bits that come with launching a Kickstarter (taxes and fees). Noght City Assault is planned for release on Windows, Mac, and Linux, but if it reaches stretch goals, it could be released on Xbox ONE, PS4, Wii U, and more.

The release date is unspecified though it is planned for sometime next year, 2016. The Kickstarter campaign concludes December 29th.

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For More Information

Night City Assault is also currently taking votes on Steam Greenlight right now, and if this is the kind of game you’re into, they could use your help! For more information, please check out their Twitter, Facebook, and official website.

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