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On June 26th, Blake Wood uploaded DOLLY (for free!) onto and Gamejolt. Since then, on Reddit,, and Gamejolt, DOLLY has been praised for its phenomenal art style/direction and smooth gameplay. It’s one of the best projects I’ve seen pop up on (what a bold statement, eh!).

Puttin’ the Spotlight on You!

DOLLY is a gorgeous minimalistic platformer game with strong old Japanese artistic influences. The gameplay works like a dream, strongly resembling Super Meat Boy both in its fluidity, multiple jump dynamic, and intriguing tense situations (or pickles, I should say, where spikes are your sworn enemy!). Sticking to a four color palette and alternating between wide shots, close ups, circular scopes, and broad views, DOLLY toys with the player’s perspective in a tranquil world seemingly directly taken from a Japanese scroll as they bounce around different platforms to progress through the breathtaking locations. The environment is calm and dream-like.


DOLLY is created by Blake Wood, a freshman Game Art student from New Zealand, currently working on his Bachelors of Game Art. It was his first major project thus far. When I reached out to Blake for more information, he explained DOLLY was inspired by old Japanese prints heavily relying on the clever play with negative space and minimalism. He’s new to coding at the moment so he kept the gameplay for DOLLY very simple but concentrated on jumping and platforming.

He dazzled up the artwork, tweaked his project, then released it on and Gamejolt for the world to love (and it does). The music for DOLLY was created by Mark Sparling, who you can find on Twitter here.


This game is beautiful and creates a comfortable atmosphere that drives the player to dig further for answers. Nice ‘n’ simple. Short ‘n’ sweet.

For More Information

DOLLY is available for free on both and Gamejolt and I recommend checking it out right now. Blake Woods has a Tumblr where you can check out his previous work (he did some work as a graphic designer in the past! His work is gorgeous!). If anyone is interested in reaching out to him, his email is listed on his Gamejolt profile.

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