Camp Weedonwantcha is a Web Comic of Genius

Katie Rice’s Camp Weedonwantcha is most definitely a work of genius. Now, I’m a little bit late on checking into this web comic since it launched back in June of 2013 after Rice won Penny Arcade’s content/reality show Strip Searchand since has been building up a huge, huge fanbase, but after catching word of the Kickstarter campaign and looking into it, I just couldn’t stay away from this one. This was a comic I needed.

Just yesterday, March 27th, Camp Weedonwantcha’s Kickstarter campaign wasn’t just funded. It completely destroyed its funding goal by over $70K. In total, 1,365 amazing fans pledges $97, 278 for the Volume 1 book of Camp Weedonwantcha. With the funds raised from Kickstarter, they’ll be printing 2,000 softcover (and a small amount of hardcover) 150 page full color book collections of all the Camp Weedonwantcha comics up to a certain point. Additionally, with all those stretch goals completely annihilated by comic-loving peoples, guest comics and various extra perks will be added to the bundle. Secondly, Katie will make some post a journal, joke, any miscellaneous what not for an entire year. Overall, funds were needed for self publishing the book and it was completely knocked out of the park.


What is this Camp Weedonwantcha Nonsense?

Well, Camp Weedonwantcha is not like any camp. This is a special camp (and kind of depressing one) where parents just drop their kids off because they don’t want them anymore for various reasons and the children are left to their own devices on the camp grounds (though there’s the occasional supply/ration package of handy things like whistles and food). When you look at Camp Weedonwantcha like that, this comic sounds absolutely depressing. And at times, yes, the comic can have a little bit of gloom as the readers gain some perspective on several characters in their own arc but overall, Camp Weedonwantcha celebrates the quirky, obtuse events that happen when you leave a bunch of kids in the woods.

The story of Camp Weedonwanta particularly concentrates on a trio of characters right after one acknowledges his first day, Malachi. Malachi is Camp Weedonwantcha’s newest addition and he has no real idea exactly why he was dropped off at camp. But he’s trying to make the best of it. On his first day he meets the ever so adorable and kind of loopy Seventeen and her rather large and protective friend Brian. The entirety of the Camp Weedonwantcha comics (posted every Tuesday and Friday) revolve around the shenanigans these three get themselves into as they attempt to survive at the semi-lonesome campgrounds.

Why Should I Feast my Eyes Upon This, Eh?

Because comics. Because funny kids. Because a really freaking good story, hidden cats, and awesome gags that I and hundreds of thousands of readers cannot get enough of. It took me a few hours to get up to speed on Camp Weedonwantcha and the further I read, the more I fell in love. In the beginning, the characters seem light with all the potential for gags in every corner imaginable but the reader doesn’t expect any serious background story to surface. And that’s where I was wrong – it does. And it freaking hits you hard when light is shed on Seventeen’s story. And many more characters have moments of clarity (insight for us) as to what they could’ve done to deserve this fate. It’s genius cleverness and already, I yearn to learn more about this world. I want to know how Camp Weedonwantcha came to be and how on earth it’s even legal to begin with. There’s even plenty of content for animal lovers too.

Camp Weedonwantcha gets updated every Tuesday and Friday and never fails to have a hidden cat or a great gag that we all can relate to on some level like a horrible haircut, being chased by a mountain lion, or trying to enjoy some peaceful potty time when someone impatiently knocks on the door for you.


Ain’t he adorable?

All comics were taken directly from the Camp Weedonwantcha site and are the property of Katie Rice. Thanks for reading!

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