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I am interested in writing for IndieRoot! Where do I start?

Well, that’s pretty awesome you wanna join the team. Thing is, this is at the moment a voluntary situation without any particular benefits other than games and the occasional bonus. When things pick up on the website, that entire situation will change. If you’re still interested to get some experience, contact with your contact info, social network pages, and any writing samples you can offer. Thanks again for the interest!

Your site sucks eggs! You need to fix this!

Woah there. Put down the torch and pitchfork. If there’s anything buggy, weird, or unattractive about the site- firstly, thanks for being so loud and forward, secondly, just shoot an email to, he’ll answer any questions or refer to any complaints. And hey, if you have a suggestion, whether friendly or volatile, it’s still appreciated!

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Just droppin’ a line!?

Sweet! Gettin’ social! Just shoot an email to either of the emails listed above for anything else we haven’t listed here.