Dark Moon #2 Keeps Readers on Their Toes

I wrote about the first issue of Dark Moon back in May and on June 18th issue #2 Into the Abyss was released on MadeFire and Deviantart. I’m a few weeks late checking out this one and for that, I apologize greatly. I just finished reading through issue number two and this one spooked me a bit more.


Where We Left Off…

A lot of the first issue concentrated on creating the setting and really honing in on the suspense of this foreign moon. The characters have no idea where they are anymore and everything is unknown. Readers hang around the protagonists as if they’re an additional member of the crew participating in the search for answers. In issue number two, the crew has found an alien chamber after outrunning a cluster of terrifying red alien inhabitants (or so we think). As they explore the chamber, they examine the alien technology and soon the pieces of the puzzle come together. This is definitely not the place they were supposed to be transported to. So, why are they here?

Before long, the story of this Dark Moon’s fate unravels before the group, fleshing out a tale of a strange meteor landing some time ago, wreaking havoc among the alien populace at the time. This horrible creature, a parasitic being, began infecting the masses and turning them cannibalistic (sort of). In an effort to protect the moon and salvage it, the aliens sent out a distress signal that would bring in any source of life that may be transporting at the time. As a result, Dante and the group turn a wrong turn and wound up here with no supplies, about half levels of oxygen now, and a parasitic mob on the other side of the chamber’s door ready to feast. But there is a silver lining. There is a transporter that may get them out of this mess, that is, if Dante can figure out the alien language to operate it.

In great times of peril and uncertainty in horror settings, never. ever. split up. But given the lack of supplies, a little exploration in the chamber may have some answers for the group. But when two group members venture off too far, there are dire consequences, and soon the group learns that even in their little safe chamber despite the fact the parasitic monsters on the outside doesn’t mean they are safe on the inside either.


Oh, the Suspense!

Hot dog, this issue was all sorts of crazy in the most heart thumping, adrenaline running way. In the first issue, things were a bit calmer but tense. It was more about setting the scene, creating the mood, then adding tension and dire situations at last minute, really building up the fear on the readers’ end. We soon learn things can gall apart in a split second and this keeps the tension alive and thick. In the second issue, readers are tip toeing through page after page, shaking with the aftermath of issue #1’s events. It’s apparent things will continue to be chaotic. There’s no way this is the end of the story arc and that tension just builds and builds successfully through page after page, creating a terrifying atmosphere of isolation and walking just on the edge of death. The creators never fail to develop a suspenseful and engaging atmosphere that is a real page-turner.

I’m personally very excited to read more of Dark Moon in the future and learn about what the remaining characters will do. Personally, I’d kill for more backstory concerning Dante and the rest of the group, especially now that Lisa has died and Jacob is MIA (and the monsters too). Loved ones are dying. The tension is high. I’m ready for my heart to be stomped on and feel corned into no way out with these characters. With so much more story content to explore, it’s well worth the wait.

For fans of horror and suspense, Dark Moon may be a good choice for you.


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