Dark Moon #3 Gets Personal and Heartbreaking

In the spirit of Halloween, the third installment of the Dark Moon is out now on Deviantart and Madefire for our spooking reading pleasures. And I have to add, it’s just jumped into an emotional rollercoaster that I’m not ready to hop off of yet. After waiting for several months for its release, I’m over the moon that it’s here at last! It was made available on Oct. 29 and has brought in some very positive reviews since then. I am a few days late writing about this one and for that, I apologize. For some background information about Dark moon or its previous issues, please check out Dark Moon #1 Review and Dark Moon #2 Review. You can read the comic here.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, read at your own risk.


Where We Left Our Heroes Off At

Three of the six survivors have been removed in one form or another. It’s down to Dante and two others, trying to buy some time as he figures out the alien dashboard of the transporter. The previous installment was so crazily concentrated on the suspense and giving the player heart attacks. Now, it’s ready to stir up the emotional part of the story we’ve yet to see because we’ve been so concentrated in the unfortunate happenings currently going on. But what about what the characters are feeling? Going through all that trouble to save the closest people to you as an impending meteor heads your way and launching out into space is quite an emotional commitment (which becomes an overwhelming emotional burden). In the third installment, though it feels shorter than the previous motion comics, #3 packs such a heartbreaking punch that it’s just enough to give the player a craving for more content (and as soon as humanly possible, Freematik).


The Madness Continues

Dante is going through some heavy emotions in Dark Moon’s third installment. He went through all this trouble to save these people only to put them in an arguably more dangerous situation. That must be such an agonizing thing to weigh on one’s shoulders. And Dante’s feeling all of this while his lifetime best friend has been drug away by a mutant creature and he hasn’t a clue where he’s gone (or the condition he’s in) AND trying to comprehend an alien language so they can learn their way out. They don’t compile a “Chicken Soup for the Space Travel Whodunits!” book and he doesn’t have the time to find zen at the moment. As he figures out the language, he reflects on their journey so far. Everything is just happening so fast and Dante’s remorse is starting to leak through.


He reflects on his experiences and intimate relationships with these people he rescued. Soon, he realizes that they’ve disappeared from his life. Every moment shared with them, every bit of sentiment is now faded away into time. Little does Dante know that there’s an alien bit of chaos already wreaking havoc back on Earth in his absence. Just when he finds a way out of this mess with his remaining two members, Jacob included, he hops right back into the crisis he was trying to avoid. Little does Dante, oh, poor Dante, realize he may have stepped into something completely unavoidable and may be the end of days.

Question is: what happens now?


Final Thoughts

Jeepers. My only complaint is the shortness of this comic but that’s only because I’m dying for more content. This one was well worth the wait and really wraps up the last two installments beautifully. I’m really, really excited to check out what’s next, especially with earth in such dire straits. Fans of suspense, sci-fi, and horror will take a liking to this one. The motion comic and addition of music really add the atmosphere and amplify this reading experience.


For More Information

For more information, check out the Dark Moon blog, Deviantart, Facebook, Instagram,Youtube, Soundcloud, and Twitter.


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