Dark Moon Issue #1 is Nail-bitingly Good

So, I gotta admit something. I don’t really hang around on Deviantart. Nope, not really ever. So, because of this, motion books on Deviantart completely slipped past me. I had no idea of their existence until earlier yesterday when I learned about Dark Moon (thank youuuuu, Twitter!). So, I did a little readin’ up on their beauty and wanted to let the rest of the world know about this.


Transported to a Dark Moon (Issue #1):

It is the story of the unknown, hanging in the shadows, lurking in our peripheral vision. The story of Dark Moon centers around a scientist who’s been studying and enhancing teleportation technology for some time. When the world is clouded in horror in panic after a meteor strikes down in San Francisco (Dante’s hometown), he decides to use his transporter to remove him and six others from the chaos and into space. Somehow, the group landed on unknown, distant moon without any idea what the environment is like. Upon transport there, they soon realize there’s something strange about this moon they can’t put their finger on. Originally, the group thought to be inhabitable but soon they discover they’re not alone and a part of something more massive, more colossal, more amazing than they could have ever imagined. As the group explores, they soon learn the truth of this dark, distant moon and attempt to survive on its surface.


Dark Moon #1 Release and Origins

Dark Moon is the creation of Tom Freeman (or “Freematik”). It is a motion book with a completely original (and beautiful, might I add) soundtrack ranging from “very original hip-hop” to “electronic music” which meshes well with the tone in the various scenes of the comic, building up suspense, enhancing the action, and adding to the overall vibe of the unknown and curiosity. The soundtrack is put together by Tom, Myka 9, Ad Kapone, Lokey, and various other musical talents. The soundtrack is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and the Dark Moon shop as well. Artwork is done by Benedick Bana. Many of the songs also have videos on Youtube as well.

On October 31, 2014, issue #1 of Dark Moon was published on the Madefire app (for motion books – iOS and Android) and on Deviantart. Dark Moon was met with praise and excitement from the community, bringing in thousands on fans on Twitter and

In June of this year, issue #2 will be released.


Extra Information

The beautiful musical components merging with the clever directing/panel composition (those camera angles were phenomenal) really packs a sweet suspenseful punch for captivating the reader and drowning out the world around them, desperately begging for more story content click after click. Beautiful, well composed artwork, a great sound track. Dark Moon makes for a top notch reading experience. I’m personally looking forward to the next issue. For those who take an interest in the sci-fi suspenseful sort of stories, this is right up your alley.

For those interested, a limited edition (only running 1,000 prints) print version of the comic is available for purchase as well as the PDF at the Dark Moon comic shop. For more information, check out the Dark Moon blog, Deviantart, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

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