Did Someone Say Funded? Demetrios’s Successful Kickstarter Campaign

In the past couple of months I’ve posted a few articles about Demetrios’s development and its launch on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.  For background information about the game and its development, please visit those articles!

After about a month on Kickstarter, silly point and click adventure game, Demetrios, has been funded by 169%, pulling in €4,245 thanks to 258 generous backers. The campaign concluded November 6th. Demetrios has also been Greenlit on Steam (as of October 30th). 

For players interested in trying out the demo for the time being, it’s currently available for download (and in browser) on the Demetrios website, available in both English and French. If you would like to read up more on Demetrios, please check out the official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Kickstarter pages! For the time being, just keep an eye out for updates until the 2016 release!

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