Feelin’ Princessy in Serafina’s Crown on Greenlight

Woodsy Studio’s sequel to Sarafina’s Saga Serafina Crown, is now on Itch.io, Desura, Google Play, and currently taking votes on Steam Greenlight.

Serafina’s Crown Story and Gameplay

So, Serafina’s Crown takes place about seven years following the events in Serafina’s Saga. For those who don’t know about Serafina Saga’s story, check it out here. There’s a strange domino effect of odd deaths happening in Darzia. First the Grand Prince Robil Feldren falls ill and passes away then a few weeks later the Queen Belatrix Grandil dies in a hunting accident, or so they claim. Naturally, Serafina Elborn and her husband Reuben Jeridar are the next in line for the throne and it seems like the perfect solution except there’s a great deal of suspicion that the assassination was all Reuben’s idea. With those two out of the picture,  Odell Perin is the only one available to take the throne and with her neutral stance makes her ideal for settling the disputes because of the absence of the King and Queen and determine who may be next in line.

Serafina’s Crown is a fantasy romance-esque adventure visual novel about Odell and her journey as Regent of Darzia. Serafina’s Crown is heavily decision based and leads to various relationships, endeavors, and ultimately different gods to favor. The players decisions will determine who the murderer(s) may be but also complicate things and question the judgement of the new Regent. Aside from the conversation mechanics and general decision-based influence, Serafina’s Crown includes a stat system and debate system where she argues in court about said stats she’s earned. With every court case she prevails in, the further Odell advances in her attempt to locate the next suitable member of the monarchy for Darzia. Additionally, the players will have the option to pursue relationships with both guys and gals.

Serafina’s Crown is for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux.


A Word From the Developer of Serafina’s Crown

According to Jenny Gibbons, the sole developer of Serafina’s Crown and Serafina’s Saga, and founder of Woodsy Studio:

“Serafina’s Crown combines all the elements I love in visual novels: a strong dramatic narrative, alluring romances, branching endings, and a fun mini-game interwoven with the story branches. While the game is fun and entertaining, players also learn something about themselves through Odell’s journey. For example, the stats players collect through story choices reflect emotional themes and guide Odell’s ability to stand for certain beliefs.”


What Comes Next?


Serafina’s Crown is available on Desura and Itch.io for $7.99 and $2.99 on Android. At the moment, Serafina’s Crown is on Steam Greenlight taking votes. For those interested in fantasy visual novels with a bit of romance and strong female protagonists, Serafina Saga and Serafina’s Crown may be a game you’ll want to check out.

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