For All You Hunting Enthusiasts – Bow Hunter 2015

Hunting may not be everyone’s cut of tea, but for those who fancy hunting or hunting simulators, I’ve just gotten word about Bow Hunter 2015 for the iOS coming out.

Oh Deer…Simulator! Gameplay and Style

Bow Hunter 2015 was already released for Android and on July 14th, will be available for iOS devices (including iPhone and iPad) and is free to play. Developed by IENT, creator of the TotalSims simulator games including WarBirds snd M4 Tank Brigade, in Bow Hunter 2015, players are thrown into a 3D detailed world where realistic bow-hunting techniques are utilized to hunt down deer. Upon starting out, players have a fresh slate and minimal options for hunting, challenging them to be creative with resources. Over time, after acquiring experience players can upgrade their gear, which happen to be actual accessories used in bow hunting (i.e. rangefinders, camouflage, etc.). Players will take into account environmental components such as wind speed and distance to effectively make contact with their prey but sometimes a little patience is all it takes.

Players will be able to play in over 200 locations, all based in the U.S. and the opportunity to hunt various breeds of deer. Additionally, players can play for in game and cash prizes in Bow Hunter 2015. For those who feel especially confident in their virtual hunting abilities, competitions will also be held that offer monetary prizes as well.

For More Information

For more information about mobile game Bow Hunter 2015, check out the Google Play page.

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