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Now, I haven’t really written much about music here on IndieRoot but this is a little sweet spot many readers out there may have their ears perk up to. And honestly, lowbit music is pretty freaking fantastic and I personally love it. Plus there are a lot of people out there who are big fans of Jake Kaufman’s work and will be over the moon to learn about another project.

For complete clarification here, Ghost Police has already been funded, the development is already underway (well, in fact – close to being finished), and it will be released regardless of this campaign’s turnout. This Kickstarter campaign is to fund Jake “Virt” Kaufman (well known for NES music for Shovel Knight) to produce NES-type music for Ghost Police. If the campaign is unfunded, the game will definitely still have some fabulous, theme-fitting tunes, but they won’t be produced by Kaufman. 

“The reason this Kickstarter exists is to get the best music for this production, courtesy of two of the biggest names in videogame music.” – Ghost Police, Kickstarter Budget

On October 14th, the Kickstarter campaign for Ghost Police’s music production launched, hoping to raise $16,074 (£10,500). The purpose of the campaign is to fund Jake Kaufman’s original NES soundtrack for Ghost Police using the Namco 163 mapping chip (Famicom). According to the budget information, a little over half of the funding will go to the original soundtrack with the remaining funds going towards the various Kickstarter/Amazon/Taxes sort of things. Rewards will be inexpensive due to their digital rather than physical nature.


But I Still Want to Learn About Ghost Police

Okay, okay! Story time is my favorite time!

The story of Ghost Police takes place sometime in the 20th century, though it’s nonspecific. Picture New York City and picture it filled to the brim with crime, all with the crimelord Austin Phoenix at the epicenter of it all. Phoenix build himself from the ground up and established a sophisticated crime family that completely dominated New York for 12 years, earning the name “The Terror of New York.” This man considered masterful, powerful, and undoubtedly untouchable.

The police did everything they possibly could to get their hands on this wicked individual and became obsessed with everything about him. What they didn’t know was his absolute obsession with immortality and his almost insane yearning for it. Austin Phoenix wanted nothing more than to live forever and would stop at nothing to grasp it. Fortunately, the next in line for the Phoenix crime family, Lady Dahlia, had some clever ideas of her own to make his wish come true but with a large consequence, of course.

When The Terror of New York was finally laid six feet underground, things changed in New York, and unfortunately for the worst. Given many interesting names, let’s call it the Void, the most popular of its terms. This void occupied all of New York and consumed everything within its reach. Holes in the fabric of space and time were forming and ripping apart. Everything is falling apart as the reunion between Phoenix and his family draws closer and closer.

Now,  the police have dug into the fine details of the Phoenix crime family for years and Shirley Galgirl was one of the many individuals who pried too far. When she completely vanished, her younger sister, Pepper Galgirl, stepped into her shoes and attempted to manage the agency all on her own. Joe Guyman too stuck his nose into the Phoenix business for far too long and paid the heaviest price of all for it: his life. Though not quite living, Joe takes to Pepper’s side as her partner and they work together to break through the Void and stop this mess from continuing anymore.

It is literally Ghost Police.


Now, The Gameplay Stuff

Ghost Police is a shoot ’em up that technically is considered not one at the same time. It goes easy on players as a shoot ’em up, let’s say. A shoot ’em up sympathizer. Players are placed in a shoo t’em up setting and face plenty of enemies shooting their way, but there’s a pleasant way to completely avoid it. Players traverse through the Void (or outside of it) using the ability to tear through the Void, cleaning up the screen with their cursors right through specific areas. Consider it taking a giant eraser to a colored area of the screen for the sake of protecting yourself.

Naturally, there are ways around this system the player must plan ahead for to ultimately protect themselves and yes, the difficulty will vary. Players can actually color a space around their ship to cushion it from whatever the enemy throws. Unfortunately, sometimes enemies are unaffected by whatever we paint. Players are controlling/protecting two ships simultaneously and do whatever they can to protect themselves


For More Information

A demo of Ghost Police is available for download on the Kickstarter page and the planned release date is Spring 2016 for Windows. The campaign ends November 13th. To check out some of Jake Kaufman’s music, please check out his Soundcloud. For more information on the campaign or for updates, check out the Kickstarter and developer’s Twitter page.

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