Graveyard Exploration Simulator Boon Hill Humble Bundle Release

Boon Hill is an unusual game. It has no direct goal. There is no actual objective. We are merely someone who decided to take a stroll into a graveyard today, reading the epitaphs, and learning the stories of the dead with just a few lines and dates. Boon Hill is a spooky place, and definitely haunted, and on October 6th was released on Humble Bundle, priced at $5.00, for Windows and Mac. On Halloween (OooOoOOoo!) Boon Hill release on Steam.

Boon Hill is an interesting 16 bit simulation where players explore a graveyard, learn the true history of their town through epitaphs, and take a step into the world of mourning, realistically. Now, Boon Hill is also loaded with stories. A grave can tell a story. After all, it’s someone’s entire life summed up in only a few characters. How would you even describe yourself, your live, everything you’ve built in all your days of existence?

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14 Hours Production’s Boon Hill was crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in May 2013, earning over double the funding goal! I will be playing Boon Hill and posting a review of this weekend so keep an eye out for that. For more information and updates, check out the official website. If you’re interested in buying Boon Hill yourself, check out the Humble Bundle page!

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