Horror Arcade Game BRAWL on PS4

On April 24th, Bloober Team’s, Action MOBA-like Arcade game, BRAWL, was released on PS4. With the increase in online games booming lately, indie developers have been concentrated on an age-old play style we all love: local multiplayer. Bloober Team took this concept and added a brutal, gruesome arcade spin on it. BRAWL is trying to help party couch games’ comeback.

The Mechanics

BRAWL is absolutely brutal. Everything about it screams (well, screaming for first thing) haunted, horrific, disturbing everything. The characters, sound effects, environment. Even the amazing voiceovers done by Erik Baa (well known for The Walking Dead).

BRAWL can be played by up to four players in local and online multiplayer in various game modes, and single and co-op mode as well. The players are dropped onto a level that’s like a maze with one goal in mind: get the most points possible by collecting frags. Everybody combats each other by strategically placing bombs all over the map but players must tread lightly, their bomb placement affects them as much as their opponents.


Game Modes

There are several game modes (10 in total) and challenges in BRAWL:

  •  Versus/Arena – The game mode mentioned above, bomb placement against each other in a maze.
  •  Duel – 1v1! That’s right, one on one, mono y mono. A smaller fighting arena for fast-paced, two players against each other.
  •  Sumo – Players aim to push each other off the map.
  •  Color Domination –  Players have paint filled bombs and can color the arena.
  • Sheep Mode –  A flock of sheep needs protection and it’s up to the players to protect them from approaching hordes of minions.

And so many more.

BRAWL Characters

There are eight characters of varying skill types available each with their own individual playable campaign and in depth storyline. All characters are stuck at a place called the Emporium, ruled by a wicked master of a sort. The group plans to escape but it won’t be easy fighting against hordes of minions and ultimately each other.  Here’s their descriptions available on the BRAWL official website:

Clown –  Skill: Sneeze; Special: Confusion bomb. “A miserable creature of blood, bones, and bad puns. One of the Emporium’s most pathetic servants, he’ll make you listen to his stale jokes and then kill you.”

Girl – Skill: Throw knife; Special: Teleport. “A blind girl and her murderous teddy bear. Move along, nothing to see here. But seriously: the Emporium is no place for a child, with or without a knife.”

Puppet Mistress – Skill: Medusa’s Gaze; Special: Petrification. “If you ever found a mannequin alluring… what’s wrong with you? The puppet mistress is a cruel being with a sadistic predisposition, bent on taking over the Emporium and ruling as queen.”

Dummy –  Skill: Remote detonate; Special: Freeze bombs. “Crash test dummies were a semi-popular rock band from Winnipeg and an honestly baffling toy line from the 80’s. Dummy is nothing like that, as inexplicable as he is ruthless, he serves the Emporium single-mindedly, with a penchant for destruction.”

Wrestler – Skill: Charge; Special: Smashing. “A mysterious survivor with a scarred past –  get it? – She is probably the only contestant with any chance of leaving this place with the prize. And her life, but that goes without saying really.”

Thief – Skill: Invisibility; Special: Shadow step. ” No honor among thieves? More like no hands, amirite? She hails from a middle-eastern country – name omitted for political reasons – and is just looking for her big score. And hands. Hands would be nice.”

Mime – Skill: Silence; Special: Cage. “They say a picture is worth a thousand words – too bad he doesn’t have any. His lips are sewn if you haven’t noticed from his mug shot. That is clearly pushing the T rating to its limit. The mime is a timid creature that just wants a little slice of revenge.

Toymaker –  Skills: Place totem; Special: Detonate totems. “He is the answer to the age-old question: what if Gepetto went dark? Well, he’d probably create an army of heartless killing machines and wallow in self-pity. And have a backpack with spare arms, apparently.”


 Misc. Information

“We wanted to make BRAWL the ultimate party game for the PS4. There aren’t many party games on the PS4 right now, and we hope to give gamers a reason to invite a bunch of friends over and game together again. We know we screwed up big time with Basement Crawl, and this is our chance to make things right. Anyone who bought Basement Crawl will receive BRAWL free of charge!” – Piotr Babieno, CEO of Bloober Team


Spooky and Brutal, I say!

BRAWL is available as a Playstayion 4 exclusive on PSN for $19.99. For those who purchased Basement Crawl (Bloober Team’s old game that got lots of negative feedback), BRAWL is available for free. For more information, you can check out Bloober Team’s website, the PSN site,  Twitter, Facebook, Google+, aaaaand Youtube as well!


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