Inner Chains Teaser Trailer Released

Telepath’s Tree yesterday announced their project currently in development, Inner Chains, a first person horror game for Windows taking place in an alternative reality where the lines between nature and technology blur and rekindled humanity returns at an unlikely save point.

And The World Goes on Without Us

Inner Chains takes place in the future. In fact, let’s imagine way, way off in the future. The demise of the human race has come and gone but small traces of our existence, our civilization, and most notably, our innovations, still linger throughout the world. Millions of years have passed and what we understand to be nature is completely unrecognizable. Evolution has changed the face of our plant life and animals. In fact, they’ve evolved so astoundingly that they pass off as the sister to our current technological works. The world is littered with biomechanics now. Our artificial intelligence work long left behind has attempted to thrive in this human-free environment too. As I said before, the line between the natural and mechanical has blurred and to a modern day human being, nothing is recognizable.

For some reason after all of this time, humanity starts to rebuild itself again. Without any explanation, they have returned to Earth and resemble the population of the medieval period. We have the technology, sure, but do we have any idea how to use it? Not in the slightest. Everything in this world is completely foreign to humanity now but soon they grow to accept it for what it is and even attempt to build within it. But the thing that trademarks human nature is our ability to love, reason, and learn. Unfortunately, with the giant question of “Where did we come from?” and “What is my purpose?” looming in over our heads, ideas start swirling around that rears humanity’s not-so-great qualities ugly heads. A hierarchy is created, a religion of some sort is generated, and humanity has something to believe in, but at what cost?


A FPS Horror

There is limited information available about Inner Chains at the moment but as time progresses, I’ll definitely write more about it!

It’s not completely certain who’s perspective we’re playing from in Telepaths Tree’s Inner Chains but from what I understand we step in the shoes of a human, exploring the world around them. Inner Chains is a FPS horror surrealistic game where exploration drives the player. The player initially is introduced to the new world of Inner Chains with survival are their primary objective but as time progresses and more exploration takes place, the player branches out to see the biomechanical world for what it really is. Inner Chains is level-based and a bit open-ended as how to resolve each level. In fact, a lot of what happens is completely reliant on the player’s progression independently. The player uncovers clues and tips as they traverse our unknown world and hopefully learn the ropes before we’re something’s dinner.


For More Information

At the moment the release date for Inner Chains is unspecified but will be released down the road. It will be available for Windows. For more information about Inner Chains, please visit their Twitter, Facebook, and official website.


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