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Okay, I know this game was posted on Gamejolt and back in October of 2014, but since I’ve been covering The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, I wanted to shine the spotlight on this one a little bit. Earlier last week, I posted an interview I had with YCJY games about their upcoming Kickstarter campaign and the development of The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human. Back in March, I posted about the reveal trailer for it as well. Now, Keep Walking EP qualifies for both an and Gamejolt spotlight since it is available on both websites. Just wanted to clarify that. For the sake of categorization on IndieRoot, it was either one or the other folks.

So, this isn’t really as much of a news piece as it’s a punch in the face while screaming “Why on Earth haven’t you played this?”  I needed a punch in the face for not writing about Keep Walking EP earlier. So, readers, I goofed.


Now That Introductions are Done With…!

Sometimes you just want to get away. Just as far away as humanly possible from whatever is really bugging you. Perhaps it’s a nagging mother who guilt trips you about how you never visit or call. Say it’s those student loans? A harsh break up?

Okay, on a serious note, one thing is for certain, just sometimes you need peace, quiet, and tranquility and a pleasant walk with good tunes and a pack of cigarettes (and beer?!) do just the trick. Keep Walking EP is an opportunity to get away from that. Escape into the city with your music and just keep walking. Keep moving forward.

Keep Moving EP is more or less seems like a walking through town simulator but there’s much more to it.  We play as a loner just going for a nice walk on the weekend with some snazzy indie tunes. There are four different lanes of sidewalk for the character to move on, sometimes filled with goodies (like coins, beer, cigarettes, or a skateboard) and other times people walking your way that you have to avoid. Every time we crash into a pedestrian, we lose some of our items that we’ve spent the entire walk collecting (gosh darn it!). If enough items are lost, we “lose” the level and need to start over.



Keep Walking EP is a great game for just getting away from your worries, enjoying some great tunes (and learning about new bands), and relaxing. It’s a mellow playthrough and I recommend checking it out.

More Info!

YCJY is a studio located in Gothenburg, Sweden and currently just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their game The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, which you should also check out if you haven’t already. For more information on the developers and the game, please check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter.


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