Knuckle Sandwich – Dead End Job Nightmares

This is one for all those fond memories of dead-end jobs!


Remember Working as a Waiter? Barista?

Or any other dead end food service job where the idea of hanging yourself beats dealing with that one family or group of teenagers that enters your eating establishment 5 minutes to close and want just about everything on the menu? You know that sinking feeling in your gut as people look at you with sourness, raising their voices over whether or not they wanted Mustard or a large or medium drink, and the oh-so-music-to-our-ears statement “I’d like to speak to your manager,” with the occasional “please” accompanied.

Yes. We know that feeling. So many of us have worked crummy little dead-end jobs like that where the pay is dreadful, the people don’t always address you as another human being with emotions, hopes, and dreams, and you go home smelling like coffee or hamburger grease while clothed in apathy and the destruction of what could have been a good or somewhat pleasant day.

Weren’t those some great times, folks?


Thing is those jobs are necessary. For youth they are stepping stones for getting out into the world and gaining a work ethic of their own, familiarizing themselves with responsibilities and balancing their own spending (and potentially save for college). For others it is managerial experience. And some it’s just generally the job they do and that’s something to respect – a job is a job. But working in this kind of environment can stir something in people that just doesn’t make sense. An uncalled for wrath and disassociation that creates the most uncomfortable and sometimes unreasonable of situations.

Knuckle Sandwich is an adventure game that brings back those lovely memories working in the food service industry. The story centers around a man embarking on his very own adventure in the city. Just after he moves to the city he begins working at a really rundown, poorly managed fast food place in a quirky neighborhood. Everything seems relatively okay in the beginning but soon he realizes there’s more to this neighborhood than it seems once people start going missing one after the other. Soon, he starts hearing about some strange, mysterious figure people refer to as “The Number #1” and the protagonist suspects there could be a connection between the disappearances and this odd fellow. As the player, it’s up to you to determine what’s really going down in this weird place and endure the troubles of working this crummy job while you’re at it.

Multiple story arcs with a breadth of characters will be available to play which will include a lot of different playability options and pathways to explore.


That Gameplay

Knuckle Sandwich is a lowbit/pixel-styled exploration game with RPG elements and turn-based combat in a strange coastal city filled with quirky individuals.

Players will find themselves engaged in a weird plot based around real life experiences of develop Andrew Brophy when he was about 18 and 19 and working those kinds of jobs and dealing with eerie, strange events. The world of Knuckle Sandwich is filled with tons of beautiful, vibrant locations to visit, all varying in style and tone (e.g. a rundown restaurant and a tranquil forest setting). They will explore the entirety of what the city has to offer and odd, creepy, and sometimes scary people and creatures will cross your path. When the going gets tough, there’s a turn-based combat system (which can include some funny outcomes).



Several years back, Andrew Brophy had the idea for Knuckle Sandwich and created a prototype in Adobe Flash which he spent a small amount of time working on for a few months but was unable to keep working on it at the time. In the latter part of 2014, Andrew was able to pick up the project again and continue development. As of now, Knuckle Sandwich has been in its current development for about 9 months. Andrew Brophy is the sole developer for this project but is reaching out to musicians to cover the sound aspect of Knuckle Sandwich.

For More Information

A specific date for the release of Knuckle Sandwich has not been determined but the goal is next year, 2016. If you wanna read up more about Knuckle Sandwich or check out updates, please check out the official website and Twitter.  Also, you can check out the DevLog on TIGForums where Andrew posts fairly frequently about the game. When I learn more about the release or Knuckle Sandwich or anything regarding a demo, I’ll definitely post about it here!

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