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It all began when famous director Amon Miyamoto directed Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” using game concepts. Back in 2013, “The Magic Flute” premiered in Austria, receiving positive attention. Now, Polish studio, LabLike has teamed up with Miyamoto to turn “The Magic Flute” into an actual game under his direction, known at Magic Flute, a puzzle game for iOS devices. After eight months of development, Magic Flute is planned for release September of this year.

That Story

The story of Magic Flute revolves around a young and adventurous prince by the name of Tamino who’s in a heap of trouble, now in the kingdom of the Queen of the Night. A deadly serpent has charged after him but luckily Tamino was able to escape just barely, thanks to the help of three of the Queen’s servants. In return for their kindness, Tamino promises that he will find a way to save the princess, Pamina, for the Queen from the dastardly Sasatro who’s keeping her captive. Before he leaves, the three kind servants provide a magical flute for his travels. From that point on, Tamino travels far and wide, meeting interesting people and finding himself stuck in pretty uneasy situations. Most notably, he faces three mighty tests of his loyalty, courage, and righteousness in order to save sweet, sweet Pamina.

However, in the world of Magic Flute, nothing is what is seems whatsoever and before he knows it, the world is turned upside down. These tests become the least of his worries as an even larger problem unfolds before him and the Queen of the Night kingdom seems to be at the very center of it.


How Puzzling!

Magic Flute is a casual puzzle game for iOS where players face a grid of squares. Some are broken, some can be slid. The main element of gameplay is sliding these spots/slide around to avoid danger and ultimately create a path to leave the level completely. Players will have multiple ways to complete these different puzzles so there’s lot freedom for creative thinking. There are 30 levels worth of puzzles and three playable characters as well. But players won’t just spend their time navigating through puzzle after puzzle. They will face rich story content with cutscenes and find themselves immersed in a fantastical tale of heroism and conspiracy.

Magic Flute will be available in English, Japanese, and Polish.

For More Information

LabLike is a Polish studio filled with all sorts of creative talents. Magic Flute is actually their first iOS game.

The exact day of Magic Flute’s release is unspecified but it is planned for September of this year. For more information about Magic Flute, check out Twitter, Facebook, and the official website.

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