Pit Lane 16 on Steam Greenlight

Pit Lane 16 launched its Steam Greenlight campaign just a few days ago and still needs some votes! Pit Lane 16 is a racing simulation and strategy games in which the player steps into the role as a team manager, seeking out amazing, new talent, preparing for races, and organizing sponsorship and funding during the season.

I’d Like to Speak to Your Manager

The Steam Greenlight page goes way more in depth about the different aspects of Pit Lane 16 in the many videos posted about it, dissecting every mechanic. For those interested, I would recommend giving them a look on the Youtube channel at these videos.

The player is both the team editor/manager and sponsor editor. The key is to raise and budget out the driver’s money to the best of your ability, hire on members for the pit crew and drivers that best suit the team, and even custom build your vehicles. Pit Lane 16  has 17 different tracks located each in a different country for racing and players will be challenged against the game’s AI during simulated races.

Instead of being the racer out there on the ground, burning rubber, we’re finally the guy in their ear calling all the shots.

Development and More

The developers of Pit Lane 16 are a small indie development group from Italy which are labeling themselves as PitLane2016, according to the Steam Greenlight page. There is not much more information concerning their background and the development process on the official website. However, according to the official Pit Lane 16 site, the development began in April of this year and has progressed significantly though it’s still undergoing development. A good portion of the the development is already completed.

Pit Lane 16 is planned for release on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu specifically), and Mac either by Q4 of this year of Q1 of next year.

For more information on Pit Lane 16, please check out the official website and the Steam Greenlight page!

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