Rememoried Steam Release in Late August

Here’s a special one for you psychonauts out there. Rememoried is a surrealistic first person exploratory and adventure game where the lines between dreams and memories begins to blur. Rememoried is developed by one-man studio Hangonit, planned for release on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What it a Memory? Was it a Dream?

Imagine laying down in crisp, warm grass on a hot evening gazing up at the stars. A slight gentle cool breeze rushes by you, caressing your arm and wrapping you in a mixture of scents from all around you. Cars rushing by along the neighboring roads. Freshly cut grass. The air fills your lungs is the most satisfying and comforting thing you’ve ever experienced in this moment. A vast black canvas rests above your head with thousands of breathtaking stars dancing around, playing hide and seek in the clouds.┬áThere’s a slight light peeking out from the crescent moon above you, granting slight illumination to the landscape around you and casting thick shadows that could eat the world up. All is still. All is calm. Everything is completely as ease and comfortable at this very moment. And you’re getting sleepy.

Before you know it, it’s becoming a bit of a struggle to keep count of the stars and begin descending into a slumber. Soon you’re drifting off into the realm of the subconscious.

Soon, you find yourself struggling to separate dream from sweet familiar memories. You’ve entered a surrealistic mystic landscape filled with a beautiful blend of the familiar and foreign. How do you escape from these two elements meshing together? Forgetting. Changing your direction or changing your course of action will introduce another location with every step. This is your experience in Rememoried.


How Does This Go?

Rememoried is a first person exploration game where players explore miscellaneous dreams and memories. The key to progressing and separating from the stream of memories and dreams is to actually forget, which is easier said than done. Players explore the dream-world extensively and can begin forgetting the elements of their memories simply by changing their direction and working through it like a puzzle. This will advance them to more advanced levels. Soon the player is chasing after learning whatever they can in the dreamscape around them. There are over 20 levels to play through and gamepad support.

Rememoried is being developed by one person, Vladimir Kudelka, Hangonit, and have been in development for nearly two years. It inspired by his own experience laying under the stars and experiencing strange dreams along.


More Information

Rememoried will be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam on August 31st.

Vladimir actually did an interview with Kill Screen about Rememoried that offers some amazing perspective about his inspiration for the game and the overall design. For any more information about Rememoried, please check out Twitter, Facebook, and the official website and Greenlight page.

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