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Just yesterday I learned about this game on and it would be perfect for IndieRoot’s Spotlight. I’ve mentioned my experience at a knock off Starbucks a couple of times on this website but never have I worked in a grocery store. However, I can find many important parallels between the two experiences that shake me to my core with flashbacks of rude customers who diminished my level of humanity upon sight once they stood on the other side of the counter and debating about Starbucks cards. Bottom line, retail jobs are not always the loveliest experience but a job is a job, right? Besides, builds character, doesn’t it?

But what if we could relive that experience again except this time who cares if we have a snarky customer letting rude, soul-crippling comments out of their mouth but there aren’t really that many consequences? Let me explain. This is CHESTO – At the Checkout and it was released yesterday, Sept. 14, on

Chesto – At the Checkout Fine Details

In this voxel grocery checkout simulation we put on our beloved aprons and step behind the register as a supermarket cashier for the big CHESTO supermarket chain. Now, the CEO, Toni Schesiner, is doing particular well for himself.  Even has brunch and shares the red carpet with A list celebrities. His father started this business in the early 90’s then passed it on to his son in the early 2010’s (sounds a bit like Walmart, eh?). This guy is living the DREAM. But even with roughly 1,220 employees and CHESTO store-chains in 23 different countries, one false move by one employee can send shock-waves through the entire operation, and that employee is the player of CHESTO.

The goal is to scan every item on the conveyor belt in a timely manner, avoid unpaid overtime, and get by on minimum legal wage. Above all, let’s avoid getting fired, shall we? So, we can have some fun but not too much fun with our incorrigibly rude customers. Thing is, everything we do will impact the company so everything counts: our efficiency, whatever product is wasted (which loses profit), even our attitude. In fact, every item will affect the global profit massively as documented here. Players must scan every item they can and as fast as possible to ensure CHESTO keeps standing (unless your plan is to watch it plummet!).

So, players, just remember some good ‘ol company values before putting on that name tag:

“CHESTO can always be trusted to do the right thing.” (from official website)


My Opinion

I tried out CHESTO – At the Checkout and played few a few rounds with it. With every round, depending on your success, you can unlock new items to scan and other types of customers at the conclusion of the level with our performance report which provides data on our runthrough and determines if we’ve earned enough money. Took me a moment to get the hang of the controls but I thought CHESTO was a nice game. Honestly, there was a point where I just kept throwing the customer’s food on the floor and rescanning items just to make them mad. It was a pure delight. I got to express my retail-job induced rage in a productive, healthy way. For people who’ve had a retail job, are currently suffering in one, or were lucky to not have gone down that road, CHESTO is not only an opportunity to anger strangers for the love of it but also be a model employee.


Additional Information

CHESTO is co-developed by Broken Rules and Josef Wiesner and is available for whatever price you want to support the developers on (suggested price of $4.99). It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can check out the official website, and the Brokenrules and Josef Wiesner’s Twitter.

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