Skyhill Roguelike Released on Steam

Earlier this week on October 6th, Skyhill (developed by Mandragora, published by Daedalic Entertainment) was released on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Fancy Running Into You Here

Did someone say apocalypse?

Perry Jason was just minding his own business, kicking back at the fancy shmancy Skyhill Hotel up in the VIP suite. He was hidden away from the world drastically changing outside. World War III has struck and it’s biological warfare out there. Pure chaos looming in the streets. A horrible bio-weapon bomb struck the city, the world has been changed forever, and you’re loving these silk sheets and beautiful view of the world burning. Perry was completely content with staying in his VIP suite but the man has to leave at some time. He was growing hungry and the world on the other side of his door was like nothing he’d ever seen before.

He grabs whatever he can as he explores ever room in and out and soon learns the fate of the world now, how it has changed after the recent bio-impact. The Skyhill Hotel is 100 floors high and just about each one contains some bloodthirsty, vile, aggressive mutant (either fully transformed or partially) ready to rip Perry to smithereens. It’s 100 levels of pure hell and supplies are short. With Perry’s clever crafting and survival abilities, he makes whatever supplies and rations last as long as possible while fighting against these disgusting creatures whenever he can. No matter what, Perry needs to find a way to get to the first floor.


Skyhill is a procedurally generated roguelike with some RPG elements, crafting, and permadeath that comes in three difficulties: easy, normal, and hard. Players take on the role of Perry Jason as he explores and attempts to survive in the Skyhill Hotel and reach the bottom. Players utilize a crafting system to create weapons, medical care, food, and miscellaneous items to survive. Players will face mutants of various difficulties, meet obstacles (like no electricity on certain floors and broken elevators), and encounter traces of the people left behind in an attempt to piece together the truth behind this tragedy.

Skyhill has three endings and there will be lots of dying to figure things out. Luckily, players will unlock special abilities based on their progression which come in handy for their next playthrough. May even start them off on the right foot.

For More Information

Skyhill is available on Steam currently at a sale price of $13.49, originally $14.99. For more information, check out the official website, and Daedalic Entertainment’s Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be giving Skyhill a try and posting a review of it soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

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