My Last Week of IndieRoot

TL;DR: This will be my last week of IndieRoot.

Several months back I posted about how you all will be seeing a lot less of me around here. There were many other priorities and responsibilities I was juggling at the time and it was impossible for me to keep up with IndieRoot’s demand solo – and I was unable to attract any voluntary writers. Since then, visitor count has decreased and I’ve heard from developers less – and now things are reaching a stopping point.

As you all know by now, my intent with IndieRoot was to spread the word about games and be support developers, no matter how small. Any project deserves a chance (with ethical exceptions). And I’ve prided myself on being as neutral as possible and when the opinions fly to emphasize that it’s only my opinion and not the only one – and what about this game appeals to me specifically and how it or could not appeal to someone with like interests. The only thing I’ve ever had to gain from writing about these games was excitedly expressing my opinions to the developers, hoping for improvement, and general good feels. In the 9-10 months I’ve had IndieRoot, I still don’t think I’ve earned $1.00 through ads! So, I’ve done this for the love of it.

That being said, I care deeply about ethics. I’ve recently taken on more work in my life and to avoid a conflict of interest and keep both IndieRoot and my current job ethically in check, I will no longer be writing on IndieRoot or pursuing game journalism at all for that matter. Aside from that, I don’t even have any time at all to write news pieces, features, interviews, reviews – any of it – at all anymore. My time is very concentrated on work, schooling, and trying to afford just generally living right now.

So, I’ve made a decision: this will be my last week of IndieRoot. The website for now will still be up for an indefinite amount of time but as of January 24, 2016, I will no longer post new content.

Why not end it right away? Why are you giving it a week?

Because there are lots of people I want to reach out to this week about ending IndieRoot and there may be one or two posts going up (though I’m not sure!). In case there’s anything else I want to get posted before I bid farewell completely, this is my chance to.

Now for the sappy stuff – Dear Developers:

Gaming journalism was something years ago I never thought I would be doing. I was a starry-eyed kid in love with games, cartoons, and comic books who wanted to learn as much as I could about the mediums. Writing about them has been kind of a dream come true for me and I’ve loved every second of it. I’ve met so many passionate, interesting developers and enthusiasts along the way and it’s been a pleasure to learn about your beautiful projects and the hard work put into them. There was nothing I wanted more than to be supportive and see people grow!

Writing about you all is what kept me sane all these years and for that, I sincerely thank you. It has been a honor to be invited into your worlds and given the opportunity to spread the word about them – and I will be forever grateful for that. Games are truly a unique art form (they are, don’t fight me on this!) that is a category on it’s own that should be taken more seriously because so much of a person(s) is invested in its creation. Games not only tell you a story, they pull you right in as if you’re an active participant. It’s a beautiful experience. And no one knows that better than you, developers.

There are many projects I’ve grown to love over the years that I’ve kept an eye on not just as a journalist but as an enthusiast – and I will continue to pay attention to updates, news pieces, tweets, posts, everything – cheering you all on.


2016 seems to be off to a wonderful start for indie game development and I’m excited to see what amazing projects people will be creating this year! There are many I eagerly await the release of! Good luck to all of you in you game development endeavors!

EDIT: Failed to mention this, the website will completely stay up! I will not delete this site out of existence and I’ll possess the domain – I just will not post any more content from here on out. 🙂 So, if there are any articles you care to take another gander at, they will most definitely be available for that.

Julie Morley

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