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The universe is as peace and when there is peace there is tons of partying because, well, what else are you gonna do? Well, the universe is in fact not at peace but that doesn’t stop the current state of endless partying going down. Songbringer, when the search for the ultimate party down goes completely wrong but ever so right. This Zelda-like/Zelda-inspired procedurally generated adventure game has made its way to Kickstarter.

What’s the Big Idea?!

Songbringer is a rather large interstellar ship filled with hundreds of partyers. It’s the time of the yearly Breakbeat gathering where the partying must, once again, commence. When you’re partying, you don’t want the police to harsh your mellow so you look for a place with little to no police oversight, right? Songbringer was fated to land on Ekzerra, a strange unexplored planet with hardly any police coverage. Among these party-lovers is your average partying fella, Roq Epimetheos, who finds himself feasting upon a cactus (ow!) and developing a bright idea. Why have the party in here when we could have the party out there?

Unfortunately, this world has in completely  unexplored and filled with many, many secrets. Among them is a pretty sweet humming nano-sword he discovers hidden away in a cave on Ekzerra. Without much thought, he takes it but unleashes hell and war upon Ekzerra and the entire Milky Way galaxy. A planet without any police where the ultimate party could commence and Roq still finds himself locked down with responsibility. It just can’t be averted.

Now, Roq is stuck exploring the rest of Ekzerra to figure out a way to end this war and stop this ancient evil army he’s unleashed onto the universe. It’s the Second Great War of Wizards, man.


Zelda-like, You Say?

I don’t say, Nathanael Weiss says:

“Songbringer is a Zelda-like action-adventure-RPG in which you can explore over 300 million unique worlds overflowing with recently awakened demons, virus androids and other sullied creatures.”

Songbringer is inspired by 8 bit adventure classics. Players pick a six letter world seed every time they begin a new quest which randomly generates a brand new Ekzerra filled with other dungeons, opponents, and the like. Anyone can wind up in the same world using the same code. Over 300 million worlds can be generated, in fact.

Additionally, Songbringer is completely  nonlinear and progresses through the various secrets hidden on the world of Ekzerra. The entire planet is littered with them in the least expected places and Roq must find them.

Aside from secrets, there are tons of evil-doers/creatures to combat that are aiding the evil army Roq unleashed. Aside from exploration and learning the truth behind it all, Roq must weaken the force as much as possible. Among his travels he will locate various items that can be combined to create really cool items for battle. Say, a fire teleport orb (because who says transporting places while not on fire is fun?), rocket boots, psychedelic cactus, the list goes on and Nathanael is open to suggestions, according to the Kickstarter.

Songbringer can be played in many ways and every player has their own style. There will be a leaderboard put up for players to compare their scores, speeds, you name it in their worlds and maybe some good ‘ol competin’ too.


Because, why?

Nathanael Weiss has been making games for about 20 years now and Songbringer is technically his second game (first being a sci-fi puzzle game when he was 15). He created Wizard Fu games back in 1995 and hasn’t turned back since. He’s been in the gaming industry ever since and now felt like the time to create a game of his own. There’s about 6 more months of development left for Songbringer and Nathanael needs $9K to cover living expenses for it, for which he turned to Kickstarter, ending May 13th.

With the ability to work full-time on Songbringer he plans to release Beta by Q4 2015 and Alpha around August this year.

Songbringer will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux both DRM-free and on Steam. If stretch goals are met, iOS and Android versions are a possibility.


To End All Questions!

On top of everything else, Nathanael has been really upfront with the development of Songbringer. In fact, every day at 4PM Pacific Time he streams his development on Twitch for about an hour. Thus far, he’s nearly recorded 100 videos. His streams have been very thorough and open about the current state of Songbringer and what he intends to do.

Songbringer is also on Steam Greenlight at the moment and as of writing this article, it’s currently at 25%. The Kickstarter is nearly at $2.8K. For more information, check out the Songbringer website, Kickstarter, Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch channel.

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