Skyhill Roguelike Released on Steam

Earlier this week on October 6th, Skyhill (developed by Mandragora, published by Daedalic Entertainment) was released on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Fancy Running Into You Here Did someone say apocalypse? Perry Jason was just minding his own business, kicking back at the fancy shmancy Skyhill Hotel up in the VIP suite. He was hidden […]

Templar Battleforce Released on Steam

On September 23, Trese Brothers’s Templar Battleforce was released on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, priced at $8.49 until September 28th where the price increases to $9.99. Templar Battleforce Gameplay Templare Battleforce is a top-down, strategy, turn-based, RPG. The reminder of a great war has emerged back into the lives of the Star Traders […]

Fool’s Theory’s Seven Announced to All!

So, earlier this year a group of AAA gaming industry veterans (from CD Projekt RED) decided it was time for a break from the biz and to explore smaller, more intimate game development ventures, to which they founded Fool’s Theory. These veterans have notable games like The Witcher (2 and 3) under their belts along with other […]

Reviewin’ Sproggiwood

Now, about a week ago I wrote an extensive article about Sproggiwood’s release on mobile platforms and various information about the game. I highly recommend checking it out for some background information about Sproggiwood.  As a bit of a reminder, Sproggiwood is a strategy roguelike RPG, a cutesy one I stress, that was released on Steam […]