Templar Battleforce Released on Steam

On September 23, Trese Brothers’s Templar Battleforce was released on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, priced at $8.49 until September 28th where the price increases to $9.99.

Templar Battleforce Gameplay

Templare Battleforce is a top-down, strategy, turn-based, RPG.

The reminder of a great war has emerged back into the lives of the Star Traders and now they’re asking the Templar Knights for help once again to fend them off. Players play¬†as the commander of these Knights, overseeing every single action and aspect of them. They are your army to build and customize, equipped with Leviathan Mech, equipped with all sorts of solders like engineers, flamethrowers (Hydras), turrets, Berserks, etc. Players completely customize their army’s build and composition, building them up with every ability possible after each ¬†victory. However, players will constantly be balancing the lives of veterans and newbies through the different rounds/scenarios, trying to generate the strongest, beefiest build. Knights will permanently die and need replacement if all goes awry.

The actual combat scenarios in Templar Battleforce actually varies, which is where the tactical and strategic aspect of gameplay enters the picture. Sometimes the combat is up close and personal, other times wide open spaces where the Templar Knights are completely open and vulnerable. There are over 30 different unique scenarios, 15 various enemy types, and there’s even boss battles.


The Story of the Templar Knights

It is the classic space legend about man among the stars, hopping from habitable planet to habitable planet, and going where no man has gone before. Templar Battleforce takes place in a universe where man has participated in a great, destructive war recently, practically demolishing their recently habitable planet, the Galactic Core. Only a small amount of humans remain known as the Star Traders. Now, the Star Traders need a new home but it’s so dangerous to venture off in search of one. Under martial order, the Star Traders are provided their very own Templar Knights, a specialized and customizable team intended to protect the Star Traders. With protection of the Templar Knights and a great prophet, Shalun, the humans embark on a multi-generational trip across the stars in search of their next habitable planet. But after decades of search, with thousands of casualties, the Star Traders have alas colonized various habitable worlds.

But this is not without consequences. The great Galactic War is not over and the Star Traders are not in the clear yet. When all seems well and peaceful, the Star Traders find themselves asking for help of the Templar Knights once again for protection against Xenos, any rogue humans hanging about, and the Narvidian threat, in a war brewing for far too long.

Players take on the role of overseer for the Templar Knights and maneuver, customize, and control them as tactfully as possible to ensure victory and avoid casualties.

There are multiple endings in the Templar Battleforce storyline. This is the fourth game in Trese Brothers’s Star Universe game-line.


For More Information

For more information, please check out the Steam page, official website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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