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Part of the beauty of summertime is the opportunity for a road trip, whether it’s a cheesy one full of panic and Chevy Chase or a calming escape from the quarter life crisis, road trips have proven to be soothing evasion from whatever’s going on in our lives. Bills. Mortgages. Busy people. Holidays. Social obligations. I could go on. It makes me nervous just thinking about it. Above all, nothing beats just hopping in your car just for the heck of it and driving somewhere. No requirements. No rules. No one to necessarily answer to other than yourself. Free of possessions, void of stress, it sounds perfect, especially for creative work. That is truly the chicken soup the soul needs.

Which is the beauty of The Boxtruck Boyz. Living life in a self-directed motion, moving to your own current, exploring the world beyond your backyard. And thus beautiful creative works have been born in the process.

If any of you out there are fans of the crowdfunded game Qora, which was released last year, you may take quite an interest in this. Developer Holden Boyles has began another project that today launched on Kickstarter.

Who Are The Boxtruck Boyz?

The Boxtruck Boyz are a duo of childhood friends, Holden Boyles and Cody Updegrave, that have been living in a renovated 20 ft. truck, traveling all across the western United States, and filming together. Together, the duo decided to take a trip cross country and work on two independent films together, I Am Alone and Lucidia.

The friendship between the two began in sixth grade when Cody moved to Leonardtown, Maryland. The two immediately became friends and carried that friendship all the way into adulthood, doing things like playing games and creating short films together. Holden Boyles went on to create crowdfunded game Qora (Mac, Windows, and Linux) in 2014 and Cody Updegrave went on to study film in New York and work on miscellaneous film projects. After much time apart in their studies and practices, the duo teamed back up to form Renaissance Boy Films which was renamed the BoxtruckBoyz.

Together, the duo works on intriguing film projects while going cross country in their truck.

I Am Alone and Lucidia

Created by Cody Updegrave, I Am Alone is a surrealist memoir revolving around an unknown, strange wandering character on a motorcycle exploring the western United States and meeting odd characters on his journey. This short film concentrates on one entire day of this roamer’s life. Currently 2/3 of the film is completed with just three more scenes needed to complete the film, all located in different states.

In 2014, Holden Boyles released Qora on Steam after about half a year of hype. Qora is a low-bit/pixelated platformer adventure game about an older man retiring to an old, remote village with quite a history; a land filled with the ghosts of long ago and an ancient story of betrayal and power-lust. In this surreal journey, players explore the area, learn about the land’s history, and are swept off their feet by its mysticism and rich storyline.

Lucidia concentrates on the story of the Drifter character from Qora who is a supernatural being tasked with a very important ritual involving seven people and a strange dream world. The Drifter must somehow entrance them and bring them into this dream world. His journey begins with one man who takes him into the depths of this dream world filled with vibrant, surreal surroundings and odd events.

Aside from these two film projects, The Boxtruck Boyz have begun creating experimental shorts on the road, varying from sketch comedy, animation, music to narrative artistic film.


A Kickstarter Campaign has been Launched

Film production can be a very expensive process, especially if you’re driving cross-country to achieve those perfect scenes. The Boxtruck Boyz have turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to cover the remainder of their filming and completion of I Am Alone and Lucidia. Today, June 15th, the Kickstarter campaign has launched, aiming for $30,000 for expenses such as transportation and directing gear, hiring actors, art, paying the crew, and various business expenses. Once these films are completed, they will be submitted to studios and placed on the financial circuit which can cost a pretty penny. The Boxtruck Boyz have one month to raise $30K and so far, nearly $200 has been raised. With help from the community, this directing duo can finish their two films as they imagined.

For More Information

For more information concerning The Boxtruck Boyz, please visit the Kickstarter campaign and Youtube channel.

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