The Rock, the Paper, and the Scissors on has a lot of beautiful games and prototypes, some that you can purchase, others available for free but if you wanna donate a little something to the developer, you’re more than welcome. I find a lot of amazing games on here from time to time, especially after game jams. Same thing goes for I love it. They’re great places to build a community for a game.

This time, it’s all about The Rock, the Paper, and the Scissors. So, The Rock, the Paper, and the Scissors was the recent Ludum Dare Game Jam submission by¬†Toasty Games and additional development members (Bogdan Rybak, Megan A., and Igor Puzhevich). On March 10th, Toasty Games released first person puzzle game, Parallax, on Steam (priced at $9.99), which have very positive reviews. It is also available on for $9.99 as well.

The other development members (studio name unspecified at the moment) a game currently in development, Greenlit on Steam, Wand Wars, whiiiiiiiich I will cover in a separate article soon. Check it out! They have a pretty thorough development log.

The theme of the 32nd Ludum Dare Game Jam was “unconventional weapon.” How would we duke things out as kids when the going gets tough, when we have so much to prove? Damn right, rock, paper, scissors.

Courtesy of Pinterest, apparently.
Courtesy of Pinterest, apparently; Regular Show – Pilot Episode

Toasty Games created an incredible spin on the unconventional weapon idea and developed a small western rhythm game, relying on the power of quick witted, quick drawing rock, paper, scissors to progress. Meet Lefty the bounty hunter. The train has been taken over by some nasty robbers. The only way to combat them? A sweet game of rock, paper, scissors following the rhythm of the music. Using only the arrow keys, players fight against the dastardly deviants and have a limited amount of life points. Beat the robbers in rock, paper, scissors, you progress to the next one. Let them get a hit on you? Lose some of your points.

And when those points go out, you’re done for, absolute goner.

Not to mention it gets increasingly difficult from robber to robber. They alternate playing hands. Some have regenerative abilities. Gosh, this is difficult.


All I can say is well done and well built, Toasty Games. The rock, the Paper, and the Scissors is all sorts of awesome and a clever play on the LDJAM theme. I’d like to see it grow into something bigger too.

Check out the for The Rock, the Paper, and the Scissors for more information or if you’d like to play it. It’s available for free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux but you have the option to donate to the developers.

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