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Thanks to Twitter, I learned about this amazing web comic today. And not only is it amazing, there’s a Kickstarter campaign running at the moment to print the first volume of it. 168 pages of awesome.

July 24th, 2014 - Up and Out by Jeremy Kaye
July 24th, 2014 – Up and Out by Jeremy Kaye

So, UP and OUT is a webcomic posted weekly by illustrator Jeremy Kaye. It began in May 2013 and the comedic brilliance hasn’t stopped since. It’s a miscellaneous comedy webcomic with all sorts of mischievous, quirky, oddball random characters and strange stories, punchlines, and sometimes puns or plays on words.

Now, after 168 pages worth of comics, Jeremy decided to collect ’em p and turn them into a softcover book for the world to enjoy. But self publishing is not easy. Oh no. For this, Jeremy has launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $12,000 to make this magic happen. It’ll cover reward costs, and the various fees involved in printing up the books and sending them off to the good folks who backed the campaign. As of writing this article, UP and OUT has 58 hours remaining in the campaign and only $11,344 has been raised. C’mon, folks! We’re so close.

I have good faith this one will get the funding in the next two days. It’s even a Kickstarter staff pick and people are spreading it around all over Twitter (including yours truly). So, if you’d like to support the campaign, please check out the Kickstarter campaign page. If you don’t or can’t, never fret, at least check out the UP and OUT comic online. It’s hilarious and Jeremy keeps fighting with a Jersey shore-esque rich version of himself and the actual book in the most recent comics.

When UP and OUT is funded, I’ll either edit the bottom of this article for it or write an independent article about it.

EDIT: Hey everyone! So, great news! Earlier today UP and OUT was not only funded on Kickstarter but met the $14,000 stretch goal and then some! According to the recent update, there may be another stretch goal added on as well. Less than two days to go, folks! For any still interested in pledging, please check out the UP and OUT Kickstarter. 180 pages of awesome now need to happen.

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