WonderCat Adventures is Greenlit (July Release)

Internet, don’t you love cats? How about cats from space? Well, something like that. If it meows, we don’t just approve of it, we fawn over it completely. So, let’s talk about something right meow – something special, something purrfect, and not from this world – a WonderCat. WonderCat Adventures is already released on mobile platforms and just Greenlit on Steam. Later on this month, WonderCat Adventures will be released on Steam for PC.

Spacecats? Space cats. The Spaciest of Cats.

So, what is a WonderCat? What’s an adventure? WonderCat Adventures is a arcade runner-platformer game currently available on iOS (as of June 12) and Android (as of June 27th). Just last week, WonderCat Adventures was Greenlit on Steam and will be released sometime this month on PC.

A WonderCat is a cat from space with a problem. Players step into the shoes of WonderCat, who just crash landed somewhere and needs to escape from some terrifying mines before it’s too late. Unfortunately, things are pretty complicated for WonderCat. WonderCat’s kitty companion has disappeared and there is no sign of the spaceship anywhere. Stuck with the robotic pod that came with WonderCat, it’s time to venture off and explore an unknown world full of 50 levels and 5 challenging bosses to find our cat friend in this beautiful platformer adventure game.

The gameplay is simple. WonderCat inside of the suit depends on the various mine rollers to transport him along the rails and through the mines. But aren’t mines a hazardous place? Definitely. Players control WonderCat’s jumping which can collect crystals, avoid obstacles, and travel around. As players progress through the levels, they move through five different sections/regions, all of varying difficulties.

For a look at the gameplay of WonderCat Adventures without commentary, check out this video of it on iOS.


The Mighty Origins

WonderCat Adventures is not created by a studio but a development group working together. The idea for WonderCat Adventures goes many years back and when the development team got together about nine months ago, it was the perfect concept to develop. WonderCat Adventures has a lot of concentration on creating atmosphere. Combining it’s attractive art style and beautiful, atmospheric tunes, WonderCat Adventures accomplishes this well. Made  is responsible for the breathtaking art style and direction of WonderCat Adventures, which you can check out more of their work here. Monomer is responsible for the brilliant musical atmosphere in WonderCat Adventures. His music is available for purchase on his bandcamp page.

When asked about the art direction of WonderCat Adventures, Made had this to say:

“We wanted to have kind of a graphic progression, from a magic and strange place to darker and more aggressive levels. The main inspiration were the mood in the old 8 bit games, where each world were really different, looking at one screen you could tell where the player is in the game. The map is ofcourse inspired by Ghouls’n’ghosts and Castelvania, a huge influence. The levels are more inspired by MarioBros, Contra, Trojan, TMHT, etc. The bosses are a reference to the huge monsters you could see on NeoGeo games like MetalSlug or King Of Monsters. I still believe that simplest things like this can trigger surprise and get the player adrenaline up.”


For More Information

When WonderCat Adventures is released on Steam, the development team plans to include free skins, sound packs, and expansions/DLC depending on the success of the game. Following this project, the team may move onto a larger scale indie game project that they may pursue crowdfunding for. Considering the hype and success WonderCat Adventures has had in the couple of weeks it’s been on the mobile market (plus the positive reception on Steam and Reddit) the future may be bright for the WonderCat Adventures development team!

For more information about WonderCat Adventures, you can check out the official website, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Plus, the Steam Greenlight page. The development team of WonderCat Adventures recently did an AMA which answers a lot of questions regarding the development, conceptualization, inspiration, and programming of WonderCat Adventures.

When WonderCat Adventures’s Steam release is announced, I’ll add it at the end of this article and write up a review when it’s released!

EDIT: WonderCat Adventures is out on Steam now!

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